Since 1979 Shikhar has organised tours all across India. Shikhar Travels offers an impressive range of programs to pick from. We at Shikhar, understand the little things that can transform a tour to a more rewarding, pleasant and memorable holiday!! In the past 5 years, Shikhar has handled almost 30,000 students from Schools and Universities across India.

At Shikhar personal attention is not the exception but the rule!! Our young, enthusiastic and vibrant contribute greatly to elevating the experience and knowledge of the student. They indulge the student in interactive games throughout the journey to make the experience more rewarding.

Shikhar Educational Tours complements in-class learning by offering exciting learning experiences and journeys to young people. Shikhar Educational Tours products are delivered through schools and university and are focused on classes’ I-XII and 1-3 years of University.


Shikhar Educational Tours will enable every child to add meaning to learning by exploring and celebrating the diversity of our planet: Our tours are subject oriented and concentrate on subject such as - Geography, Ecology, Physics, Biology, History and Chemistry.


Shikhar Educational Tours will add value to the classroom experience for young people worldwide through an evolving discovery of self and purpose by offering journeys that encourage the students to interact with members of different cultures and backgrounds..